Pediatric sleep specialists in Denver

It is easy to tell when your child is not sleeping well. What is not easy is determining if a medical reason is the cause of your child’s poor sleep patterns.

Sleep disturbances in children are concerning for parents. You know your child needs rest, but you’re unsure how to help. The Sleep Lab at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) takes away parents’ uncertainty through diagnostic testing and accurate diagnosis of pediatric sleep problems, such as infant sleep disorders, snoring or parasomnias in children.

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Why choose our pediatric sleep disorders center?

RMHC’s board-certified pediatric sleep disorder specialists have the advanced training and professional experience needed to treat children, adolescents and young adults with sleep disorders. In every instance, your child’s medical evaluation is performed in a relaxed, child-friendly setting. We work closely with your child’s primary care doctor, from diagnosis to treatment and follow up, to provide comprehensive care for your child’s sleep problem.

The Sleep Lab at RMHC is staffed by diligent sleep specialists who work hard to properly diagnose every child, so parents can rest easy knowing their child will be able to sleep throughout the night. A wide range of non-invasive, pain-free tests can be performed in our sleep lab. Testing is essential in diagnosing sleep disorders in children and understanding underlying problems that may affect sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America poll, two out of every three kids younger than 10 years old has some type of sleeping problem. Poor sleep can often lead to other problems, such as behavior at home, socializing with friends and focus and attention at school.

Types of pediatric sleep disorders we treat

Our sleep disorder specialists treat a variety of sleep problems in children, including:

  • Circadian rhythm disorder
  • Confusional arousals
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Infant sleep problems
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Nightmares and night terrors
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (sleep apnea)
  • Periodic limb movement disorder
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Rhythmic movement disorders
  • Sleep-disordered breathing
  • Sleepwalking
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Pediatric sleep disorder treatment

Your child’s sleep problem may be solved by lifestyle changes, such as establishing a bedtime routine or may require medical intervention. Often, sleep problems are a symptom of another condition. In that case, the pediatric sleep specialists at RMHC will work with you to be sure your child gets the best treatment to improve sleep and return him or her to good health.

If necessary, a sleep treatment, such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, is available. A CPAP machine treats obstructive sleep apnea in children, a common, but serious sleep disorder. The machine delivers air into a mask that is placed over your child’s nose, and the continuous pressure keeps the airway open.