Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Denver

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is proud to be home to the largest Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in the entire Rocky Mountain region. Our 84-bed NICU at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center offers board-certified neonatologists and hospitalists on campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide unparalleled newborn care.

To learn more about our Level IV NICU, please call (720) 754-7642 or take a virtual tour.

No one wants to go into a pregnancy being concerned about possible complications, but for some women, there are risks associated with pregnancy.

While most high-risk women will have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, it’s good to know that Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center is the only hospital in the entire Rocky Mountain region with a Level IV NICU as well as a Level IV Maternal Care program. That means we have a campus like no other - with teams ready to help you and your baby under one roof.

Specialized neonatal units throughout Denver

Depending on the level of care your newborn baby may require, your doctor can help you determine which Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children neonatal intensive care nursery has the most appropriate facilities for your baby.

Our caring, compassionate staff provides specialized care for premature and ill infants, not only at our main hospital facility but also at other HealthONE facilities throughout Denver. Expectant parents can choose from Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children-affiliated NICUs, including:

What do NICU levels mean?

Neonatal transport team

Because of our advanced newborn care and highly specialized staff, our Level IV NICU at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL receives hundreds of neonatal transports each year. If a baby is born at another hospital and requires the care of our neonatal physicians and nurses, the AirLife Neonatal Transport Team rapidly transports the baby to our facility for expedited care.

NICView cameras

Having a baby in the NICU can be difficult for the entire family. Parents, siblings and relatives, who are often scattered across the world, want to feel connected to their newborn family member. Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is making connections possible with NICView, a state-of-the-art camera system that gives families the opportunity to watch their baby in real time.

The NICView cameras are accessed through a simple, secure username and password provided by staff at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. The system is designed to help families bond with their baby while he or she is in the NICU (even when they cannot be at their bedside) and help reduce parents’ anxieties between visits.

Four Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children NICU locations have added NICView cameras, including:

  • Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • Rose Medical Center
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Swedish Medical Center

Parents agree: The NICView camera is the next best thing to being there

Parents and families have overwhelmingly positive things to say about their experiences with the NICView system, including:

  • “Knowing I could watch the baby via the NICView camera system greatly reduced my level of anxiety.”
  • “I feel more positively involved with the whole family because of the opportunity to see the baby via the NICView camera.”
  • “I feel closer to the baby because I can view him or her any time I need.”
  • “The NICView camera adds a great sense of relief and helps me manage my family schedule so I can be home with other children, if needed, and still feel like I am alongside my baby.”

Safe care for kids

At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, we encourage parents to ask questions about tests, procedures or medications given to their baby. Your child’s neonatal intensive care nurses or doctors will be able to answer any concern you have about your child’s care. By being an actively involved parent and asking questions, you can help improve your baby’s safety and health. Learn more about safe care.