Pediatric Heart Center Denver, Colorado

Learning your child has a heart condition or congenital heart defect is stressful. You can easily be overwhelmed by questions about what a diagnosis means, what kinds of treatments are available and how you will cope.

That’s why the pediatric cardiologists and pediatric cardiac surgeons at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children provide a supportive environment for both your child and you every step of the way from diagnosis to recovery.

Our Patients Share Their Stories

We Believe in the Strength of Family and Friends

We try to keep families together during a child’s hospital stay. As a parent or guardian, you are welcome and encouraged to spend the night with your child. If you need help with anything, we offer support services such as:

  • Room Service for Guests
  • Spiritual Support
  • Hotel Discounts for Family and Friends

No Question is Too Small

We will always take the time necessary to answer your questions honestly and address your concerns with compassion.

Olivia's Story

Before Olivia was born, her parents found out she had a heart condition and would need life saving surgery. The family found Dr. Steve Leonard. Dr. Leonard the team worked to save baby Olivia, even though she was born very premature.

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