Pediatric General Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver

The General Pediatric Surgery Team

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian / St. Luke’s (RMHC) is home to a highly trained, expert team of surgical professionals who specialize in the diseases and conditions affecting young people. Our team of general surgeons works exclusively with infants, children and adolescents and understands their unique needs. 

In addition to our world-class surgeons, the general surgery team includes: 

  • Anesthesiologists
  • Radiologists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Certified medical assistants 

A host of other specialists – dietitians, child life specialists, occupational and physical therapists – are here to support your child to recover after surgery. 

Types of Pediatric Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

The pediatric surgery team at RMHC performs numerous specialty surgeries at one of the best facilities in the Rocky Mountain region, including:

Minimally Invasive Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

We specialize in minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgeries that reduce a child’s time in the hospital, reduce pain and virtually eliminate the challenges of large scars as a child grows. 

The pediatric surgery team at RMHC looks to minimally invasive surgery as the first option for your child. When such techniques are safe for the patient, every surgeon that operates at RMHC will explore your child’s minimally invasive options before opting for open surgery. 

Read more about the minimally invasive surgery program at RMHC here

The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Approach

RMHC is one of the top pediatric health programs in the nation, and our expert surgeons and innovative programs make us the premier destination for pediatric care.

From our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to the minimally invasive surgery techniques pioneered by our own surgeons and used around the world, our pediatric general surgery team takes a compassionate, family-centered approach to care and emphasizes close collaboration with the child’s primary care physician. We believe this team approach leads to the best outcomes for the children we treat.