Because there are so many skin conditions that affect children, your board-certified dermatologist will first work with you and your child to carefully diagnose the problem. We will consider your child’s condition, age, medical history and lifestyle as they recommend a treatment.

Common Treatments for Skin Disorders

  • Antibiotics
  • Application of salicylic and lactic acid (to soften infected area)
  • Cool compresses or cool baths to decrease itching
  • Electrodesiccation (using an electrical current to destroy warts)
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen (for warts)
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots)
  • Laser surgery or other surgical intervention
  • Medications (taken by mouth or creams for the skin) to decrease itching
  • Phototherapy (light therapy under physician’s supervision)
  • Rest and behavioral changes (such as not using an affected leg or arm)
  • Special shampoos
  • Warm, wet dressings on the infection site