The Cardiovascular Catheterization Labs at RMHC at P/SL are specially equipped with child-sized instruments and staff, which have advanced pediatric cardiology training.

Common Reasons Your Child May Need a Cardiovascular Catheterization Procedure

Cardiovascular catheterization helps pediatric cardiologists to:

  • Identify narrowed or clogged arteries of the heart
  • Measure blood pressure within the heart
  • Evaluate how well the heart valves and chambers function
  • Check heart defects
  • Evaluate an enlarged heart
  • Decide on an appropriate treatment

Why Choose the Cardiovascular Catheterization Labs at RMHC at P/SL?

  • Low-radiation equipment to ensure the safest environment for your child
  • High-resolution digital imaging equipment to provide the highest quality images
  • Advanced technologies, including intracoronal