Special Care for Premature Infants at every Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Denver NICU

No one wants to go into a pregnancy being concerned about possible complications, but for some women, there are risks associated with pregnancy.

While most high-risk women will have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, it's good to know you can deliver at a hospital that is especially created to care for preemies. Depending on the level of care needed for your newborn, your doctor can help you determine which Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children neonatal care unit (NICU) has the most appropriate facilities for your premature baby. As one of the top neonatal hospitals in the region, you can trust that your infant is in good hands at RMHC. 

Safe Care for Kids

Parents, Please Ask Us Questions

At RMHC, we encourage parents to ask questions about tests, procedures or medications given to their child. Any concerns you have should be answered by your child's nurses or doctors.

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