Neonatal Intensive Care at Sky Ridge

Level III NICU, Caring for Very Sick and Premature Babies

As a Level III NICU, Sky Ridge offers comprehensive care to some of the smallest patients in our community. While no parent wants to think about having a child in the NICU, families at Sky Ridge can be assured that their babies are receiving the very best medical care and support, which includes appropriate equipment, technology, staffing and access to sub-specialist pediatricians to care for specific problems. Our NICU provides the best environment for premature and seriously ill babies, born at or after 28 weeks, to grow until their parents can care for them just like a full-term baby.

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Meet Our NICU Medical Director

Dr. Joe Toney, Medical Director Sky Ridge NICU

Joe Toney, MD, Neonatologist and Medical Director of Sky Ridge's NICU, has played a crucial role in expanding the services that we provide to newborns in our 11-bed unit. Dr. Toney is a physician affiliated with Pediatrix/Obstetrix, a nationwide practice of physicians founded in 1979 to provide specialized care for high-risk babies, children and mothers. Learn more about Dr. Toney by reading a recent interview with him covering his position at Sky Ridge and why he became a neonatologist>>