Minimally Invasive Surgery for Children

When you want your child to be better, faster.

For every surgical patient (including newborns), our first question is always, "Can we use minimally invasive techniques to improve his/her immediate and long term results?”

The minimally invasive surgery (MIS) program at RMHC offers new options for exceptional care, reduced pain, lower complications and a faster return to normal activity. 

Minimally invasive is a term used to describe a way to perform many types of surgery. Our team utilizes advancements in technology and technique, many of which were pioneered by RMHC surgeons and now used worldwide, to successfully treat your child in the manner least disruptive to the body - meaning lower rates of complication, faster recovery and reduced scarring.

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RMHC Brings Revolutionary CollaboratOR to Denver

First of its kind technology debuts in the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children operating room. This high-tech system is not found in any other pediatric hospital in the world!

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The Minimally Invasive Surgery Program at RMHC

The MIS program at RMHC offers: 

  • Fast access to pediatric specialists to schedule surgery quickly – no long waits for a child to be seen
  • Highest patient satisfaction of any pediatric center in the region (as measured by Press Ganey)
  • Leaders in research and pediatric surgery innovation (see sidebar)
  • Team of all pediatric specialists: pediatric surgeons, gastroenterologists, interventional radiologists, perinatologists.
  • Advanced operating rooms, including hybrid operating room and the da Vinci XI robot

In addition to our pediatric specialists, expert anesthesiologists allow RMHC to use a MIS approach even in babies weighing less than two pounds. RMHC is the only hospital in the region that ensures a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist is with your child throughout every case. 

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Children's Minimally Invasive Surgery Denver

Minimally Invasive Surgery