Center for Maternal Fetal Health

High Risk Pregnancy Conditions; Fetal Conditions, Denver

Our team of perinatologists, affiliated, board-certified neonatologists, fetal medicine specialists and pediatric surgical specialists work together to care for a full range of high-risk pregnancy and fetal conditions. We are committed to keeping you and your baby safe, close together and on the road to health. We treat:

Pregnancy Later in Life

Just because a mother is considered "advanced maternal age" does not mean her pregnancy will be complicated. However, we are experts at treating conditions such as amniotic fluid abnormalities, cervical conditions, gestational diabetes, HELLP syndrome multiples (twins, triplets… or more!), placental conditions, pre-eclampsia (toxemia of pregnancy, pregnancy-induced hypertension) and preterm labor.


Families who are expecting twins, triplets, quadruplets are faced with unusual circumstances. Our high-risk team is highly experienced in caring for multiple pregnancies and births and work closely with specialists who might be able to best help you or your babies.

Maternal Conditions

Our perinatologists offer comprehensive, compassionate care for many conditions mothers have during pregnancy, including anemia, breech presentation, ectopic pregnancy, HELLP syndrome, hyeremesis gravidarum, placentra previa, postdates, premature rupture of membranes (PROM), pre-eclampsia, Rh incompatibility and isoimmunization, toxoplasmosis, thyroid disorders in pregnancy and much more.

Fetal Conditions

Our team of neonatologists and expert surgeons care for many conditions that affect the fetus — both conditions diagnosed prenatally and those diagnosed after birth. We care for GI, heart, kidney, orthopedic, neurology and urology conditions.

Our Areas of Focus