Kidneys are vital organs. They control your blood pressure and filter one-fifth of our blood supply every minute. Kidneys also keep our bones strong and regulate fluid and electrolytes in our body to keep us healthy.

So when your child has a kidney problem, you'll want to work with the pediatric nephrologists at RMHC at P/SL. We make sure that you understand your child's kidney diagnosis and treatment plan.

The Right Kidney Care Starts with the Right Diagnosis

Our pediatric kidney specialists have the advanced skills and experience to diagnose kidney disease, pediatric kidney failure, pediatric kidney stones and more.

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Kidney Diseases Require Long-Term Treatment

Most kidney diseases require long-term treatment and affect many bodily functions. That's why we create a pediatric care team that includes your child's:

  • Pediatric nephrologist
  • Primary care physician
  • Other specialists to support and care for your child