Infant Hip Program at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver

When we dream about the futures of our newborn children, we often see them filled with laughter as they jump, run and play. Important to these movements are the hips-- amazing joints that give us freedom and stability in nearly all our activities. Identifying and treating hip conditions early can help promote lives full of activity and freedom. The newborn period is a golden period to diagnose and take care of any hip concerns, such as hip dysplasia, before they interfere with activity.

Diagnosing Hip Problems

After birth, your pediatrician will perform a physical exam of your baby. Part of that newborn exam  focuses on your baby's hips. If a concern is detected, your pediatrician will refer you to consult with a specialist. The specialists in our Hip Center's Infant Hip Program combine state-of-the-art ultrasound exams with gentle physical exams to detect subtle differences between a normal hip and a hip that may be at risk.

When you walk into the Pediatric Orthopedic Center at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, you can rest assured knowing your baby will receive the most outstanding care in the region. We have soft hearts for babies with hip problems, and the fears that plague his/her parents.

One Visit…All the Answers

In a single visit to the Pediatric Orthopedic Center, all components of the initial screening can be accomplished: ultrasound, consultation and diagnosis. Any questions you have about your baby's hips will be answered, and if treatment is required, it can be initiated during this visit. This comprehensive visit helps limit disruptions to your baby's schedule and alleviates parent concerns as soon as possible. Additionally, because we are part of a larger network of pediatric experts, our orthopedic doctors can work together with specialists in all fields of pediatrics to provide a full spectrum of comprehensive care. Through our collaboration and dedication to your child, your family becomes a part of our family of medical care.