Adolescent Gynecology, Denver

Adolescence is a time of many changes. As girls grow into young women and become physically and sexually mature, they need additional care from physicians (adolescent medicine physicians and/or obstetricians/gynecologists) trained to address these issues. RMHC has specialists throughout metro Denver who can help your daughter understand the changes in her body during this important time in her life.

Gynecology Visits

The initial visit and yearly visits thereafter, are geared toward promoting good health, screening for problems, and helping open the lines of communication about health care between the physician, parents, and the young woman. Adolescents who are sexually active will need additional services, including a pelvic examination and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Many of the conditions that affect gynecological, reproductive, and sexual health may be detected early, which, in most cases, provides for a more positive prognosis and successful treatment.

There are many gynecological and menstrual conditions that affect adolescent females and require the clinical care of a physician or other health care provider.