REAP Concussion Program at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Concussion treatment guidelines are defined through the process of creating a support system around the injured athlete in order to promote healing. For example, during the course of three weeks, parents may need to limit the student athlete's social activities; teachers need to cut back on the amount of schoolwork; coaches and certified athletic trainers need to rest the student athlete on the sideline. Then, slowly, under medical supervision, the team places the student athlete back into play or activity.

The REAP Project

Our director Karen McAvoy, Psy.D., is the author of The REAP Project, a community-based concussion management program for families, schools and medical professionals. The REAP Project focuses on helping all adults and student athletes know and understand how to modify the environment throughout the concussion recovery—to prevent further injury, and to promote healing This community-based program works on the premise that concussion is best managed by a multidisciplinary team that includes:

  • the student athlete
  • family
  • various members of the school team
  • medical team

R.E.A.P. Program

REAP stands for the four essential elements of concussion treatment and management:

R - Remove/Reduce physical and cognitive, or mental demands

E - Educate the student athlete, families, educators, coaches and medical professionals on all of the potential symptoms

A - Adjust/Accommodate for the student athlete academically

P - Pace the student athlete back to learning, activity, and play

REAP helps families, schools and medical professionals develop a multidisciplinary team around the student athlete to help ensure their recovery from the concussion.

The REAP Project is used in numerous school districts throughout Colorado and is endorsed by the Colorado High School Activities Association, the Brain Injury Association of Colorado, and the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Trust Fund.

Q&A with Dr. Karen McAvoy

Part 1 - Dr. McAvoy was a co-author on the article from the American Academy of Pediatrics. She tells us about the article and her work here in Denver.

Part 2 - How important is the multidisciplinary team approach?

Part 3 - What is the parent’s role in concussion management?

Read the REAP Concussion Guidelines Booklet

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