Importance of Baseline Testing

When assessing the severity of a concussion and managing recovery, it can often be hard to determine when a child is fully healed.

A rare but serious cause of brain damage and/or death from concussions is called second-impact syndrome (SIS), which is when a child goes back into a game too soon and suffers a second, and potentially fatal, blow to the head.

Although SIS is extremely rare, student athletes suffering from multiple concussions is fairly common. Therefore, baseline testing is very important for children involved in any high-energy and contact sports such as:

  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • hockey
  • skateboarding
  • football
  • basketball
  • gymnastics
  • cheerleading
  • soccer
  • lacrosse
Parents also must remember that a child can get a concussion by simply jarring their head suddenly or falling on the ground. Concussions may also occur outside of sports from things like accidents on playgrounds.

Given the many ways a student athlete can get a concussion and the potential long-term risks of concussion, some parents may choose to do ImPACT baseline testing for all student athletes.