ImPACT Testing Timing

Baseline testing provides a “snapshot” of the brain ‐ the symptoms at baseline and the verbal, visual memory, reaction time and processing speed – prior to ever receiving a concussion.

After the child has received the diagnosis of a concussion, they are given a follow-up cognitive test to compare to the one they took before the hit to the head. This gives a full picture of the possible effects of the concussion to the brain and aids in treating the child. Throughout recovery, the child is retested periodically until the test matches the original baseline test, indicating that she is fully recovered.

Testing Age & Frequency

Beginning at age 11, it is recommended that children get ImPACT baseline testing done every two years to keep up the effectiveness of the test.

If My Child Had a Concussion, How Long Until She Can Get Tested?

Anyone who has sustained a concussion must wait three months post-concussion before taking the ImPACT baseline test.