ImPACT Baseline Concussion Testing

ImPACT testing for concussion is a nationally recognized, research-based computer test that establishes a baseline of your child’s responses that can be used to assess and manage their injury, if they experience a concussion.

Testing takes about an hour and is supervised by psychologists with experience and training in administering and interpreting the test. The results are kept confidential and are available to your child’s primary care doctor at any time.

The ImPACT baseline concussion test for kids is especially recommended for those who participate in sports that are at higher risk for blows to the head.

Common Questions about Baseline Testing

ImPACT Concussion Testing Elements

The computer-based test focuses on:

  • Attention span
  • Working memory
  • Sustained and selective attention time
  • Response variability
  • Non-verbal problem solving
  • Reaction time

Anyone ages 11 to 18 may take the test.

Register for ImPACT Testing

To schedule a Baseline ImPACT test, please call 720-979-0840.