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A concussion is not just a "bump on the head." It is a traumatic brain injury that needs proper treatment whether it is mild or severe. At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, we specialize in concussion treatment and management for student athletes ages 5-20 to maximize their recovery.

The issue of concussions in youth football has never been more prevalent, with research showing 64.3 percent of concussions sustained in high school football occur when an athlete is tackling or being tackled, leading parents to question whether or not to allow their children to participate. Sports-related injuries are an unfortunate risk of recreation, and the medical community plays an important role in developing guidelines and recommendations for keeping kids safe on the field.

Our Pediatric Experts Pave the Way

Our own Dr. Brooke Pengel serves on the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness (AAP COSMF), and recently took part in the development of an official policy statement on tackling in youth football. Dr. Pengel states that “Our Policy Statement presents a balanced view of the sport of football, by rigorously reviewing the incidence of injury in literature and medical research, and by enumerating on possible interventions that could mitigate this risk.” The AAP COSMF statement also includes strong support of the recent research on the benefits of having athletic trainers in attendance at every game, as well as a list of concrete recommendations for pediatricians to use in conversations with youth athlete patients and their families.

The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) is an industry leader in preventing and treating sports-related injuries, and is the only hospital in Denver with representation on the AAP COSMF Executive Committee. Additionally, RMHC provides athletic trainers to Overland High School and Smoky Hill High School, to support the initiative to have medical professionals onsite during football games. “We’re thrilled to be able to encourage safety for local high school football players in this way,” said Josh Yamaguchi, Head Athletic Trainer Smoky Hill High School. “My experience at Smoky Hill has been wonderful, and it’s great to see youth sports embracing the recommendations from the medical field. I really feel like we’re making a difference.”

To read more about the policy statement and our approach to prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries, please visit: AAP COSMF Policy on Tackling in Youth Football.

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Treatment vs. Management

The best known treatment for a concussion in kids is rest. However, it can take from one to three weeks to fully recover, and it is very important that the brain injury is managed throughout the entire recovery process.

Concussion management involves creating a support system around the athlete. Adults at home, at school and on the field, need to change and modify the environment around the student athlete to maximize their concussion recovery.

Baseline ImPACT Testing 

RMHC now offers baseline ImPACT testing for young student athletes. ImPACT testing for concussion is a nationally recognized, research-based computer test that establishes a baseline of your child’s responses that can be used to assess and manage their injury, if they experience a concussion. 

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