What to Expect During Your Child’s Concussion Evaluation

Appointment Time

At the initial evaluation, your child will meet with several members of our team and will undergo computer-based cognitive testing (ImPACT). This comprehensive evaluation can tak up to 1 1/2 - 2 hours, so please plan o for an extended time in the clinic.

Medical Evaluation

Your child’s concussion evaluation begins with a comprehensive history and medical exam with a physician to confirm concussion diagnosis and evaluate for complications.

Concussion Education

A specially trained concussion specialist will educate you and your child on the typical course of a concussion and the need for physical and mental rest. Together, you will review the Concussion Roadmap (en Espanol) that your child will follow throughout the recovery process.

The Center for Concussion team will contact your child’s school or athletic trainers to discuss adjustments for your child while recovering from the concussion. The multidisciplinary team which may include the athlete, family, school personnel, and coach or athletic trainer, will work together with the Center for Concussion specialists to determine the safest way to help your child recover from his concussion and return to his sport.


Your child will return to the Center for Concussion about every 2-3 weeks for follow-up medical evaluation. Follow-up visits typically last a minimum of 1 hour and include 30 minutes for computerized cognitive testing (ImPACT). If the concussion is determined to be resolved, the physical return-to-play process will be prescribed. If your child is still suffering from symptoms of concussion, the treatment plan will be reviewed and adjusted.