Nurse Navigators, Genetic Counselor

Megan Lee, BSN, RNC-OB
Program Coordinator

(T) 720-754-4902
(F) 720-754-4906

An experienced high-risk labor and delivery nurse, Megan is the program coordinator for the center, as well as the primary point of contact for patients whose babies have been diagnosed prenatally.  From the time of diagnosis to the time of delivery, she provides support and resources, organizes related specialist consultations, and assists in educating patients and families about the medical condition impacting the mother or her unborn child.  Megan speaks Spanish and is attuned to the cultural and religious needs of families.

Briana Goodfellow, MS, RN, CPNP
Neonatal Nurse Navigator

(T) 720-754-4903
(F) 720-754-4906

An experienced NICU nurse, Briana advocates for families to ensure individualized, family-centered, comprehensive, multidisciplinary discharge and follow-up for our high-risk neonatal patients. Once patients are ready to leave the NICU, she facilitates a comfortable, seamless transition home by collaborating and coordinating with the providers and ancillary staff of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), primary care providers in the community and most importantly, the family, to ensure continuity of care and proper communication between all parties for the first several months after discharge.

Lisa Olson
Pediatric Nurse Navigator

(T) 720-754-4900
(F) 720-754-4906

With a background in pediatric nursing here at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Lisa focuses her expertise on the medically complicated pediatric patient population. She acts as a point person in the hospital for patients and their families, navigating pediatric patients’ care throughout the hospital. This can include surgical visits, or coming in to meet with a specialist in a clinic. She can coordinate multiple appointments, connect families with available resources and answer any questions that may arise. Her primary goal is to make Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children a caring, friendly and easier place to navigate.

Catherine Burson, MS, BCGC
Genetic Counselor

(T) 720-754-4905
(F) 720-754-4906

Catherine works with the Center for Maternal Fetal Health team as our board-certified genetic counselor and has had extensive experience working in other health care organizations in Nebraska and California. She collaborates with providers to coordinate genetic evaluation pre-conceptually, during pregnancy, or in the neonatal period, and helps providers and families navigate the often complicated arena of genetic diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, she offers individualized education and support to families to help understand future implications.