Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) is a destination facility for advanced pediatric and neonatal care for patients around the world, with board-certified pediatric specialists and the most advanced treatment facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

We're improving the patient experience in our pediatric operating rooms and ensuring the ultimate in patient safety through the CollaboratOR, a cutting-edge new operating room system that makes the transition to the operating room more comfortable and efficient for patients and pediatric surgeons alike. 

Cutting-Edge Operating Room Technology

The CollaboratOR is a 10-foot touchscreen operating room monitor that operating pediatric surgeons can use the monitor to host all the relevant information for the surgery. Surgeons can view the patient's medical records, any x-rays or MRIs, labs or blood tests, surgical videos and the video input for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures. This interactive operating system gives surgeons access to all the tools they need to successfully perform pediatric surgery. It also promotes increased patient safety by monitoring check lists pre, intra, and post-operatively.

In addition to the CollaboratOR, the most advanced high definition cameras ever developed for pediatric minimally invasive surgery have been installed into the OR. This will soon include a miniaturized scope smaller then a ¼ inch with advanced 3-D endoscopic camera equipment that offers pediatric surgeons access to more precise procedures than ever before. An added development to RHMC's minimally invasive surgery operating room, all of these upgrades offer stronger magnification to increase precision and minimize recovery time. 

Pediatric surgeons at RMHC use the CollaboratOR to communicate quickly and efficiently with referring physicians and pediatricians. Surgical information is recorded and transmitted in real-time, so each patient's primary pediatrician is informed about the results of the surgery. 

Increasing Patient Comfort and OR Communication

Pediatric patients entering the operating room are often anxious about surgery. CollaboratOR serves to comfort and distract child and adolescent patients through the patient comfort system with a number of entertainment options. Each patient can select a movie or cartoon to watch on a tablet in the waiting room, and when the patient is transferred to the operating room, the movie appears on the CollaboratOR screen and comforts the child during pre-op and anesthesia

The operating system also gives pediatric surgeons the opportunity to provide comfort and reassurance to each patient's family members. Parents and immediate family are given more access to the operating room to during surgery and can watch parts of the procedure they're comfortable with. This helps keep parents confident and informed during a stressful time. 

Learn More about CollaboratOR at RMHC

For more information about the CollaboratOR operating systems at RMHC, or to schedule an appointment, please call (720) 754-1000.