Why Choose Minimally Invasive Surgery for Your Child?

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver, has top experts in minimally invasive pediatric surgery.

The physicians of Rocky Mountain Pediatric Surgery are leaders in minimally invasive techniques, boasting the largest series in the world of nissen fundoplications (infants and children), thoracoscopic lung resections (infants and children) and neonatal minimally invasive surgery. Our team are pioneers in many minimally invasive techniques (see more in sidebar), which can be used for many pediatric surgical procedures, and can help your child by:

  • Offering more precise movements: Greater magnification of surgical area for more precise movements, which leads to less blood loss and lower infection rates. 
  • Decreasing pain: Minimally invasive surgeries require only very small incisions, Smaller incisions hurt less during recovery, so less narcotic medicine is needed. 
  • Creating little to no scar: Children who have surgeries when they are young often must live with large scars for their entire lives. Because we have the smallest minimally invasive instruments available, along with doctors trained in the latest techniques, we are able to minimize scarring—in some cases leaving a scar so small it is nearly invisible. 
  • Speeding recovery time: When your child has a surgery with techniques that are less invasive to the body, there is naturally a shorter recovery time and shorter hospital stay.  With a minimally invasive procedure, children often recover two to three times faster than with traditional surgeries.  Our surgeons do everything they can to get your child back to being active and playing as soon as possible.

Physician Experience

Pediatric minimally invasive surgery is not just an option: it’s the standard way of performing surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Regardless of age, the first question our team asks is Can minimally invasive techniques be used to improve the immediate and long term results for this child? Because our team of doctors are leaders in this type of surgery with more experience than any other medical staff in the Rocky Mountain Region, parents can be confident in this proven approach to their neonate/infant or child’s surgery.  

Occasionally a minimally invasive approach is not the right choice for your child. Some children have anatomy or physiology that makes conventional surgery a better choice. However, previous conventional surgery does not necessarily eliminate the option of using minimally invasive surgery. Regardless of the circumstance, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children affiliated doctors have significant experience in all the available options, so that the operation chosen can be the best fit for your child’s particular needs. Your surgeon can explain more.

Our deep experience in minimally invasive surgery means we are not limited to a handful of conditions or procedures that can be addressed minimally invasively.  Learn more about minimally invasive procedures we offer>>

Expertise in Newborn Surgery

Our team has special expertise in surgery for newborns. Our depth of experience in neonatal laparoscopic surgery sets us apart. We have the resources and skills to perform minimally invasive procedures on infants, even those requiring surgery immediately after birth and for some of the smallest newborns.

Minimally Invasive Surgery