Adolescent Hip Program at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver

Hip Preservation Institute

My adolescent complains of hip pain, how big a problem is this?

As parents, we often find ourselves trapped between genuine concern for our adolescent’s health and the instinct to dismiss their aches and pains. At the Rocky Mountain Adolescent Hip Preservation Institute, we can help diagnose and treat hip issues from the most simple to the most complex. We are pioneers in hip arthroscopy and complex hip reconstruction in adolescents, allowing us to treat even the most complicated hip disorders.

Hip pain in adolescents can present a difficult diagnostic problem. Injuries range from fractures to labral tears, while other issues such as hernias can confuse the picture. A combination of careful history, exam, and imaging can make all the difference.

Sports Related Hip Injury

Parents and patients are usually very anxious about hip injuries because they affect the athlete's ability to participate in a beloved sport now and in the future. We take all the time necessary to discover and explain the diagnosis and treatment plan to each family. Whether it's a prima ballerina or a star running back, we have the ability to walk him/her through every step of the process, from surgery to rehab and return to competition.

Adolescent Hip Deformity

Adolescent hip deformity can be a devastating problem. Although pain may be the main concern now, extremely early degenerative joint disease may be an even bigger issue in the near future. The understanding and surgical treatment of these deformities is the key to prolong the life of the hips, avoiding the need of a hip replacement. With proper surgical treatment, these teens can look forward to decades of activity with their own hips.

When you walk in to The Adolescent Hip Preservation Institute at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, you know your teenager will receive the most outstanding care in the region. We will talk to your teen about diagnosis and treatment of hip problems and the concerns for athletic performance and problems as an adult. We know that the best result comes when your adolescent is fully informed and engaged about treatment choices.

As part of Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, our pediatric and adolescent orthopedic specialists combine efforts with specialists in all fields of pediatrics to provide a full circle of care. Our collaboration and dedication to your child will help make your family a part of our family of medical care.

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