Injury Prevention for Our Community

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and HealthONE believe strongly in injury prevention. Children and infants are at the highest risk for injury as they learn about and explore the world around them. Additionally, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury among children, especially children who are incorrectly restrained in the car. 

Injuries are very common but most of them are preventable. Our mission is to prevent unintentional injuries from happening in all ages of life and preserve quality of life. Unintentional injuries include those that result from motor vehicle collisions, falls, poisonings, drowning, and recreational and sports-related activities. Let us help you remain injury free! Interested in a certain risk area? Click on the risk area to find out more information.

Contact Us

For questions about injury prevention, to order brochures, or if you would like to schedule a presentation, please email Melanie Wuzzardo or call 303-788-5358.