Understanding NICU levels

All Neonatal Care Units (NICUs) help babies who need extra care. However, depending on your baby's needs, there are different levels of care.

Level I: Basic newborn care

Level 1 nurseries care for healthy, full-term babies. They stabilize babies born near term to get them ready to transfer to facilities that provide advanced care.

Level II: Advanced newborn care

Level II nursery care for babies born at greater than 32 weeks gestation or who are recovering from more serious conditions.

Level III: Subspecialty newborn care

Level III NICUs care for babies born at less than 32 weeks gestation as well as babies born with critical illness, at all gestational ages. These facilities offer prompt and readily available access to a full range of pediatric medical subspecialties. They also offer a full range of respiratory support and perform advanced imaging.

Level IV: Highest level of neonatal care

Level IV NICUs provided the highest level, the most acute care. These nurseries are located in a hospital that can provide surgical repair of complex congenital or acquired conditions. Our facilities have a full range of pediatric medical and surgical subspecialities as well as pediatric anesthesiologists on site. Level IV NICUs also facilitate transport and provide education outreach.