Our multidisciplinary care team in Denver, Colorado

At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), the physicians in our Center for Maternal/Fetal Health are supported by compassionate, highly specialized personnel. This support staff, including nurse navigators, genetic counselors and a psychologist, allows us to provide comprehensive care to children and their families. 


Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children - Center for Maternal/Fetal Health

Megan Lee, BSN, RNC-OB

Administrative Director, Women’s Services

Lisa Olson

Pediatric nurse navigator

(T) 720-754-4900

(F) 720-754-4906

With a background in pediatric nursing here at RMHC, Lisa focuses her expertise on the medically complicated pediatric patient population. She acts as a point person in the hospital for patients and their families, navigating pediatric patients’ care throughout the hospital. This can include surgical visits or coming in to meet with a specialist in a clinic. She can coordinate multiple appointments, connect families with available resources and answer any questions that may arise. Her primary goal is to make RMHC a caring, friendly and easier place to navigate.

Catherine Burson, MS, BCGC

Genetic counselor

(T) 720-754-4905

(F) 720-754-4906

Catherine works with the Center for Maternal/Fetal Health team as our board-certified genetic counselor and has had extensive experience working in other healthcare organizations in Nebraska and California. She collaborates with providers to coordinate genetic evaluation pre-conceptually, during pregnancy or in the neonatal period and helps providers and families navigate the often complicated arena of genetic diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is made, she offers individualized education and support to families to help understand future implications.

Jennifer Harned Adams, PhD

Clinical health psychologist

(T) 303-839-7410

(F) 720-754-4906

Dr. Adams is a clinical health psychologist with a specialty in women's reproductive health. She uses her expertise from across the reproductive health continuum—fertility, pregnancy and postpartum—to provide knowledgeable and compassionate support to families coping with complex prenatal diagnosis, complicated pregnancies, healthcare decision making, life in the NICU and preparing for life at home. She collaborates with the medical team to care for the whole family. As families prepare to transition home, she works with families to help them identify and connect with support in their local communities.


Emily Johannes

Perinatal navigator


LeAnn H Joye

Neonatal navigator

An experienced NICU nurse and developmental therapist, LeAnn advocates for families to ensure individualized, family-centered, multidisciplinary discharge and follow-up for our high-risk neonatal patients. Once babies are ready to leave the NICU, she facilitates a comfortable, smooth transition home with expert coordination of services between your primary care provider and our outpatient clinics. Our focus is your family and facilitating easy communication for all healthcare providers.

Brian Corner

Genetics counselor

Originally from Rhode Island, Brian started working as an intern at the Center for Maternal Fetal Health in 2015, primarily assisting Cathy Burson with providing genetic counseling services for the hospital. He briefly returned to the east coast to get his Master’s in genetic counseling at Boston University before being hired at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children as a genetic counselor. Brian supports hospital staff and provides counseling for patients and their families in the prenatal and pediatric intensive care units. He also participates in multidisciplinary care clinics and supports patients in an outpatient setting with a wide variety of genetic testing indications.