At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), we're committed to providing excellent quality care to all families. With the creation of our Mobile Training Center, an RV that is outfitted with the most technically advanced simulation mannequins available, we're pleased to bring cutting edge education directly to you. 

Our Equipment

The Mobile Training Center includes two training aspects — an ambulance or ER setting and a hospital patient room setting —and four High Fidelity Simulation Mannequins. Ryan, our 16-year-old full body adolescent; Max, our 6-year-old full body child; Hope, our 1-month-old full body newborn and Chloe, our 25-week premature infant, offer a wide-range of clinical functionality to teach the stabilization skills for airway, breathing and circulation management.

While all of our mannequins are top-notch, Chloe is really unique. She's a realistically proportioned 25-week preterm infant that can help health care professionals learn proper care and necessitation techniques for preterm infants. As the largest Level IV NICU in the region, unparalleled maternal and newborn care is a passion of ours.


We'll be traveling throughout the region, in Colorado as well as Wyoming, New Mexico, Nebraska and Kansas. With a primary goal to train clinicians, the Mobile Training Center will be an incomparable resource for clinicians in rural areas who don't receive the volume of pediatric patients that our doctors and nurses do in Denver. Now, these clinicians will have greater capabilities to stabilize young patients before they are transferred to Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children. Learn more about our outreach with the Mobile Training Center.

Simulation is a valuable education tool for both medical professionals and the public. Our new Mobile Training Center will allow clinicians to work with these high-tech mannequins, facilitating training and improve the outcomes of patients, from preemies to adolescents. And while emergencies are inevitable, we're investing in the skills and training of you, our clinicians, to respond whenever a child is in need.