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Are pediatric emergency rooms safe?

Are Pediatric Emergency Rooms Safe?

Amazing Together at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

10 Years of Amazing. Decades of Milestones.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center is celebrating 10 years of service in the community, but RMHC teams were providing care long before that.

The work to establish RMHC began decades ago when 13 pediatric physicians gathered to create something new – a model of care where pediatric specialists could focus all of their time on caring for patients. They created a hospital where teams are inspired by the imagination, curiosity and talent of children. They created a place where worlds come together and where care teams unlock amazing possibilities.

Amazing Together

When parents come together with the doctors, nurses, and staff at RMHC, we can make amazing things happen. RMHC is a leader in providing comprehensive pediatric services in across the Rocky Mountain region.

We believe in combining our pediatric expertise with the insights of parents and other caregivers to provide amazing care for children.

With that, we are proud to have affiliated locations across Colorado and even in neighboring states. Our largest affiliation, started more than 10 years ago, is Sky Ridge Medical Center. Many of our renowned specialists see patients on both campuses.

Board Certified Pediatric Emergency Specialists

It’s one of the most important questions parents can face: “Is this bad enough for the emergency room?” With short ER wait times, kids can get the help they need fast.

To find out current ER wait times, text ERKids to 32-222.

Or, if parents are looking for advice about their child’s health when their pediatricians’ offices are closed, they can call our First Call® for Children (303-563-3300). First Call® for Children is a phone line answered by nurses who provide free pediatric-related medical advice.

Check out our online tops for when to visit the ER or try calling First Call® for Children.

Where our worlds come together.