Medical Care for Children with Complex Conditions from A-Z

At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, our providers treat your Amazing Kidz by bringing unique teams of specialists together to care for children with conditions like Cleft Lip and Palate, Aerodigestive Disorders, Feeding issues and more.

Children in our Amazing Kidz program receive organized care by multiple specialists in one convenient location and in coordinated appointments. On top of that, all of our Amazing Kidz doctors carefully communicate with each other to make your life easier and your child’s care better.

All Amazing Kidz clinics run regularly and bring board certified pediatric specialists together so that a patient care be seen by necessary doctors and support staff in the same day. Additionally, we are able to see patients faster than other local clinics.

Please note, all Amazing Kidz clinics are by appointment only and dates below can change. Amazing Kidz clinics include:

  • Cleft Lip and Palate - Meets the first Thursday of every month.
  • Aerodigestive Clinic - Meets every Thursday, alternating clinic and surgical days. This clinic provides coordinated care to support children who have conditions that effect their airway, breathing, feeding, swallowing or growth.
  • Feeding Clinic - Meets second Wednesday of every month. This clinic has been running for many years. It coordinates expertise from a GI specialists, a dietician and speech pathologists to help children who have feeding issues.
  • Kool Kidz Clinic - Meets second Tuesday of every month. This program helps newborns who benefit from being cooled. This therapy can help babies who didn’t get enough oxygen at birth to survive and suffer fewer complications. Specialties involved include neurology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.
  • Next Steps Developmental Progress Clinic - Meets every Monday and Thursday. Babies who are born premature or have special medical problems are at risk for developmental difficulties. This team offers early identification of developmental progress or difficulties, home activities to help your baby move, learn and communicate, opportunities to share concerns or questions with developmental therapists as well as information about special developmental resources close to your home.
  • Genetics - Meets the third Thursday of the month. With the Genetics clinic, families meet with a genetic counselor and geneticist. Once a diagnosis is identified, the team discusses prognosis and recurrence risk and an appropriate follow-up plan is developed. Additionally, this program connects families to local and national resources.

Location: 2055 N. High Street, Suite 360; Denver CO 80205