Chocolate milk is making a comeback!  While there is some debate among nutritionists regarding the role of chocolate milk in exercise recovery, it no doubt has it merits.  Here are the top ten reasons why you should reach for chocolate goodness after your workout or competition: 

  1. Muscle needs recovery after endurance exercise. Adding chocolate to milk gives it a more favorable ratio of carbohydrates to protein (approximately 4:1).  Carbohydrates refill the glycogen or stored carbohydrates the body has just depleted.
  2. The protein content in chocolate milk help rebuild and recover muscles after exercise.
  3. Chocolate milk also contains a host of other nutrients, including electrolytes that are important for hydration as well as nutrition, such as calcium, magnesium and vitamins A, D and B.
  4. Less sugar. While chocolate milk does contain sugar, it is far less than other sports recovery drinks, which is overall better for your general health.
  5. Milk is a fluid, so it helps you rehydrate.
  6. Keep your money in your wallet and the chocolate milk in the fridge – chocolate milk is less expensive than other sports drinks.
  7. You can find chocolate milk in a variety of venues, whether its at the grocery store, convenience store, or event mixing up your own milk and chocolate.
  8. With the optimal recovery from exercise chocolate milk can offer comes better performance in competition and games.
  9. There’s no sense in eating or drinking foods you do not enjoy when you are recovering from intense exercise or competition. Go for the recovery drink you can savor.
  10. While some recovery drinks are challenging to drink because of their bitter taste, chocolate milk is tasty and well received by the palate. 

Chocolate milk is certainly not a wise choice if you are lactose intolerant or have an allergy to dairy.  Also, it is best used for those more intense workouts or exercise sessions lasting more than an hour.  Athletes of all ages should consider chocolate milk to be a quick fuel recovery source – and you can’t deny it’s great taste!