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Specialized Care Makes All the Difference

You only want the very best for your family, and so do we. Children aren’t just small adults. In fact, children can get many diseases not seen in adult patients, and they can’t always tell you where it hurts. Your child needs specialized training, experience and equipment to get the best possible care, and at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, you’ll see the difference that kind of pediatric care can make.

An Amazing Community of Care

RMHC provides an excellent experience for kids and their families who are looking for continuity of care and the highest level of expertise at the bedside. While academic medical centers can provide excellent patient care, dealing with new and training physicians can be stressful on families. That’s why at RMHC, all our physicians are pediatric board-certified attending physicians who are experts in their field and have years of experience treating children.

Additionally, our Level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit means not only does RHMC have a top-notch community of care, but we are housed in the some of the region’s best facilities.

Recently, the readers of Colorado Parent chose Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children as their favorite hospital for six years in a row, too!

Expert Coverage for Kids and Their Families

We provide excellent 24/7 pediatric attending physician coverage, pediatric nurses, ancillary staff, equipment and supplies specifically designed for kids.

RMHC has over 200 pediatric subspecialty physicians, including:

  • Neonatology
  • Pediatric intensive care
  • Pediatric oncology
  • Pediatric cardiology
  • And many more

The Best Minimally Invasive OR for Kids in North America

RMHC has hundreds of doctors with years — or even decades — of experience. These are the doctors who will directly care for your child and family. Our expert team is part of what makes RMHC the best minimally invasive OR for kids in North America.

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