CBS4: Adopted Kids from China Standing Taller Thanks to Spine Surgeon

Dr. Shay Bess has helped two children from China stand up straight and tall. Both kids were adopted by a family in Colorado Springs. Both had scoliosis, their spines were severely curved. The siblings had cutting-edge surgery in Denver, five years apart.

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Fox31: Family that adopts kids with special needs gets one child life changing surgery

Hasya was adopted from Bulgaria by the Salem family of Colorado. When she came to the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children she was 18-years-old, weighed 40 pounds and the curvature of her spine was almost 90 degrees. Dr. Jaren Riley performed a complicated surgery. Hasya is now four inches taller and able to sit up in her wheel chair.

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9News: New scoliosis treatment offers hope for young girl

Skylar Slavik has Soto Syndrome. Soto Syndrome is characterized by distinct facial features and overgrowth in childhood. When the curve in Skylar’s back soon measured 59 degrees doctor’s knew they had to perform surgery. Dr. Jaren Riley from Rocky Mountain Pediatric Orthopedics presented Skylar’s mother with a new treatment using magnetic rods. Skylar was the first to do this treatment that is so different than the rest.

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