– Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC) announced today a partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance-Colorado that will bring awareness and attention to the importance of developing “Better Athletes, Better People”  in our community.  As the exclusive healthcare partner of PCA-Colorado, RMHC will become actively engaged in the PCA-Colorado Board and assist in the guidance of health and wellness-related activities for the organization and its partner schools and youth sports organizations.

Through the partnership, RMHC will have the ability to share meaningful content associated with youth sports training, concussion management, hydration and an array of additional pediatric topics. RMHC’s vast expertise will be utilized by youth sports association boards, high schools, athletic directors, sports leaders, coaches, parents and donors.

As a renowned leader in the field of youth sports medicine, RMHC is well-suited to share medically sound advice with PCA’s broad network of coaches and parents.  The two brands share a passion for the development of strong, able youth athletes and will work side-by-side to enhance PCA’s mission through RMHC’s vast resources across the metro area.

“PCA-Colorado is all about positively impacting youth, and there can be no greater partner in that effort than Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children,” said Linda Crum, chapter executive director for PCA-Colorado.

“Our organizations share the mission of helping children lead healthy lives and grow into adults who contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community,” added Crum.

The partnership will provide both organizations the opportunity to collaborate on best practices related to youth sports and to create awareness within the community around the importance of developing well-rounded, balanced, safe coaching for our students.

“We are truly excited to announce this partnership with PCA-Colorado. Our pediatric specialists are passionate about serving and educating the community and promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and teens,” said Maureen Tarrant, CEO at RMHC at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.

About Positive Coaching Alliance
Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) develops BETTER ATHLETES, BETTER PEOPLE through resources for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, administrators and student-athletes. In addition to 1,000+ free audio-video and printable tips and tools at www.PCADevZone.org, PCA has partnered with roughly 3,500 schools and youth sports organizations nationwide to deliver live group workshops, online courses and books by PCA Founder Jim Thompson that help those involved in youth and high school sports create a positive, character-building youth sports culture.

PCA resources, which have reached more than 8.6 million youth, strive to transform high school and youth sports into a Development Zone™ culture, where the goal is to develop Better Athletes, Better People and the following become the prevailing models in youth and high school sports:

  • The Double-Goal Coach®, who strives to win while also pursuing the more important goal of teaching life lessons through sports
  • The Second-Goal Parent®, who concentrates on life lessons, while letting coaches and athletes focus on competing
  • The Triple-Impact Competitor®, who strives to impact sport on three levels by improving oneself, teammates and the game as a whole.

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children is proud to partner with Positive Coaching Alliance. We strive to provide meaningful and relevant content for you and your athlete in the monthly newsletter. We would appreciate any feedback you would like to offer. Please click here to access the feedback survey. Thank you!