We don’t take the term, “world renowned” lightly. Our own, minimally invasive surgeon, Dr. Steven Rothenberg, is featured in an Italian newspaper for his dedication to teaching surgeons around the world about the minimally invasive techniques he has pioneered. The article also mentions Pope Francis, not too bad to be in the same article as Pope Francis!

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VOGHERA. The life of the small Alexander, baby Vogherese five months with a severe congenital malformation of the lung, is in the hands of Steven Rothenberg, a US specialist considered the world's foremost expert in pediatric surgery. Friday morning the delicate surgery at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan who, in case of complete success, will return to Ale and her parents the certainty of a normal existence. Next to them, there will Marilu Nassano mom Vogherese who leads the association "Children with Ccan", born four years ago to help families with children in the same situation Ale. "I've been there - he says - my Giacomo was operated, now six years old and well. We pray that everything goes better for Alexander. "

Rothenberg, the magician of thoracoscopy (infant minimally invasive surgery), it was in Milan for a medical conference on lung malformations, on Saturday and to which "Kids with Ccan" has been invited to participate. "An invitation that makes us very proud and happy - emphasizes Nassano - and we want to share with Voghera". Use the luminary has accepted to act to Mangiagalli Alessandro, with whom he worked: the Milan clinic specialists have already gone several times to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Hospital in Denver, where Rothenberg directs the Department of Pediatrics, to learn from him advanced techniques of minimally invasive surgery. An operation that will be carried out free of charge.

The Vogherese association was created, "for families who live the drama of a seriously ill child are not located to face it alone, but have the side someone who can give them support and support, and to offer hope. From lung malformations - warns the president Nassano - you can heal, it shows the casuistry. Here you will find extraordinary people who put themselves at the service of others, moms and dads that are available to be contacted by telephone or in person to listen to the questions, the fears that arise in these cases or just to give comfort. " Among the recent memories more pleasant, the visit to Rome and his meeting with Pope Francis.