At Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC), we're committed to providing excellent quality care to all families. Sometimes, this means bringing education directly to your neighborhood. We're thrilled to announce the creation of our Mobile Training Center, an RV that is outfitted with the most technically advanced classroom technology and simulation mannequins available.

Though our first tours around the region will be geared towards clinicians, we'll be giving tours and showing off the various bells and whistles of this portable simulation lab, which includes on-board WiFi, classroom video cameras, debriefing TVs and broadcasting capabilities, among other elements. The lab is equipped with two classroom settings to best meet the learning needs of participants. There is a realistic ambulance classroom and a hospital classroom that can be used as an ER room or an inpatient pediatrics room. However, we'll soon be able to teach basic training courses like CPR and training for babysitters to you, our community. 

We hope that your family will never have to experience a medical emergency. If you do, we are here for you and your loved ones. We're investing in the skills and training of our clinicians and community to respond whenever a child is in need.

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