Before arriving at The Aerodigestive Program at RMHC, Saige's parents tell us that 4 year old Saige had already undergone 22 surgeries and countless viral infections. In the last two years, Saige had recurrent pneumonia. A doctor at home in South Dakota suspected immune deficiency disorder.

The Gravs came to Denver for a second opinion. Three specialists with The Aerodigestive Program worked with her and the family and found that Saige had a rare recurrence of one of her birth defects.

“We found an abnormal connection between the swallowing tube and the wind pipe that was allowing liquids, and potentially even stomach acid, to enter the lungs,” said Dr. John Bangiyev, pediatric ENT at RMHC. He explains that was causes the recurrent pneumonia. They worked with RMHC Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Steven Rothenberg and today, Saige is on the road to recovery.