Imagine not being able to eat for nine years while suffering from severe intestinal pain and nausea. That's what happened to Denise Hulstrom when her digestive system decided to stop working, leaving her body unable to break down food. Although doctors could find no apparent reason for her system to shut down, they did discover a sharp loop in her lower intestines which was causing a mechanical obstruction. 

Dr. Steven Rothenberg, Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, performed an intestinal bypass to reroute her system and help her stomach to empty better. After the surgery, Denise was overwhelmed with joy when she realized the pain, nausea and sickness were gone. She was on the road to recovery. 

Through her ordeal, Denise credits the athletes she works with as a Master Coach for the Special Olympics for inspiring her to keep fighting and not get discouraged. Today, she is back to eating a normal diet and taking advantage of life by living it to the fullest. 

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