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Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children has experts in nearly every pediatric specialty available for media interviews.

Denver Clinic for Extremities at Risk

The Denver Clinic is a team of medical professionals who specialize in management and treatment of conditions and diseases that place people at risk of losing an extremity. At Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and The Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children for over 20 years, this group has established itself as the Rocky Mountain region's premier medical community to evaluate and treat diseases and trauma that affect the extremities.

Pediatric Oncology (Cancer)

RMHC offers an innovative, comprehensive approach to a full range of Pediatric Cancers. As a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, RMHC is able to offer access to major clinical trials. RHMC offers state of the art diagnostic technology and surgical techniques, ensuring patients receive the most modern methods of cancer treatment. Additionally, we are one of only a few hospitals in the U.S. with intraoperative radiation therapy for pediatric patients with solid tumors.

Spine/Scoliosis/Spasticity/Extremities at Risk

RMHC offers extensive expertise and resources when it comes to pediatric spinal disorders & injuries, scoliosis, spasticity and extremities at risk. Our pediatric orthopedic team is a recognized leader in providing care for children suffering from complex musculoskeletal disorders. RMHC’s team also addresses pain management within these conditions to provide children with the most comfort possible.

General Pediatric Orthopedics

RMHC is dedicated to getting children back to their normal lives with our General Pediatric Orthopedics program. Our team includes physicians, nurses, pediatric physical therapists, pediatric anesthesiologists, child life therapists, pediatric occupational therapists, pain management physicians and patient/family education teams that specialize in limb preservation, spinal surgery, hand surgery, shoulder and elbow services, and rehabilitation.

Teen Weight Loss & Bariatric Surgery

RMHC at Rose and RMHC at Sky Ridge offer expert surgical and medical weight-loss programs for adolescents. This program is for both teens who qualify for surgery and for ones that do not, and includes nutrition, exercise and psychological counseling. RMHC’s weight-loss programs are long-term and offer ongoing family support to emphasize healthy living.

Pediatric GI Services

RMHC offers Pediatric Gastroenterology specialists around the clock to address all simple and emergency needs of children. Our program includes access to the full system of gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, pediatric surgeons and dietitians for long and short-term pediatric GI conditions. RMHC’s team of pediatric gastroenterologists is the only one in the Denver metro area that can perform pediatric biliary endoscopy.

Pediatric Intensive Care

RMHC serves the needs of the Denver metro area with our 24/7 staffing of board-certified intensivists and hospitalists at two pediatric intensive care units (PICUs). Our two PICU units are located at RMHC at P/SL in downtown Denver and the RMHC at Swedish in Englewood for the most access for families and sick children.

Pediatric Emergency Services

RMHC Emergency Departments operate within all of the acute care hospitals in the HealthONE system and are staffed by board-certified pediatric emergency specialty physicians.