HealthONE’s Charity Care and Financial Discount Policy

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Our Goal

We know that paying for medical care can be difficult, particularly for patients who lack health insurance. As part of our ongoing commitment to our patients, HealthONE works hard to help them address their financial responsibilities in a way that is fair and sensitive to their circumstances. We have instituted a program designed especially to help those who find themselves in financial distress.

The Program

We provide financial counseling to help patients gain access to government sources of medical assistance, including Medicaid, CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) and other state and local programs.

HealthONE’s charity care policy applies to uninsured patients who come to our facilities for emergency treatment. This policy provides financial relief to patients who qualify based on a comparison of their financial resources and/or income to Federal Poverty Guidelines. Specifically, for non-elective care, patients whose household financial resources and/or income is at or below 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level receive free care.

To qualify for charity care, uninsured patients will be asked to complete a simple form and in some instances, to provide additional income and resource verification information.

We also have an uninsured discount program designed for uninsured patients who do not qualify for Medicaid, charity care, or any other discount program one of our facilities may offer, and whose household financial resources and/or income is more than 250 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. These patients receive a bill that reflects a discount from total charges.

We will work with our financially-challenged patients to establish an appropriate payment plan based on the amount due and the patient’s financial status. For us to offer discounts and other financial relief, please recognize that patients will be asked to cooperate with our financial counselors by providing them with essential financial information. Translation services are available.

Information regarding the policy is available in the emergency departments of any HealthONE wholly-owned hospital.

If you have questions regarding our policy or how to apply, please call 1-800-799-6478.