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Center for Concussion

Center for Concussion at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Denver, Colorado

A concussion is not just a "bump on the head." It is a traumatic brain injury that needs proper treatment whether it is mild or severe. At the Center for Concussion, we specialize in concussion treatment and management for student athletes ages 5-20 to maximize their concussion recovery.

Learn the signs and symptoms of concussion

Concussion Treatment vs. Concussion Management

The best known concussion treatment is rest. However, it can take from one to three weeks to fully recover from a concussion, and it is very important that the concussion is managed throughout the entire recovery process.

Concussion management involves creating a support system around the athlete. Adults at home, at school and on the field, need to change and modify the environment around the student athlete to maximize their concussion recovery. Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children uses REAP Concussion Management, a project that focuses on helping all adults and student athletes know and understand how to modify the environment throughout the concussion recovery—to prevent further injury, and to promote healing.

Learn more about the REAP Concussion Management Program and Returning to School After a Concussion (pdf)

Baseline ImPACT Testing for Concussion

The Center for Concussion now offers baseline ImPACT testing for young student athletes. ImPACT testing for concussion is a nationally recognized, research-based computer test that establishes a baseline of your child’s responses that can be used to assess and manage their injury, if they experience a concussion. 

Learn More About ImPACT Testing

Schedule a Baseline ImPACT Test

To Schedule a Baseline ImPACT Test please call 720-979-0840.